Insured Patients Will Not Be Treated In Zimbabwe’s Private Hospitals.

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Private doctors in Zimbabwe have come up with a decision that they will no longer treat patients who have medical insurance policy from  July 1st 2016.

This decision of not accepting these patients has come due to insurers owing private doctors and other service providers almost $220 million. This is according to the Doctors Association of Zimbabwe.

All patients who have medical insurance will have to pay cash or rely on underfunded government hospitals.

“We are demanded to pay tax but we are not being paid our dues by the insurers, how are we going to pay tax..?”, questioned Dr Agnes Mahomva.

“No cash no treatment at our private hospitals. If they want to be accepted at our health centres they should prepare cash otherwise they will not be accepted”, said Zimbabwean Medical Aid Association president, Dr Agnes Mahomva.

She further said they have tried to sort out this issue with the Health Ministry, the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe, the Parliament portfolio committee on health, the Competition and Tariffs Commission and Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) but nothing has been achieved.

Statistics made by the Association of Health Funders of Zimbabwe shows that the nation has 20 registered health insurers which serve almost 800 000 members.

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