Investigators Downloads EgyptAir Airbus Black Box Data.

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After weeks of investigating what caused the EgyptAir Airbus to crash into the Mediterranean,  investigators have downloaded some data from one of the black box flight recorders.
The EgyptAir Airbus MS804 plunged into the Mediterranean Sea en route from Paris to Egypt on May 19, 2016 and killed all 66 passengers on board.

This data which has been downloaded by the investigators will be analysed and the cause of the crash will be known.

The accident Investigation Committee said the entire flight is recorded on the FDR the moment it took off from France until recording stopped at 37 000 feet where the accident happened.

Before crashing, the investigators said that the Airbus showed a series of warnings which indicated that smoke was detected on board.

The search team has successfully found both black boxes of flight recorders.

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