Is Malawi Independent Or Dependent..?

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The president of the Republic of Malawi, HE Professor Peter Arthur Mutharika  on Wednesday wished all Malawians around the globe a happy Independence Day.

Malawi as a nation clocked 52 years of independence on Wednesday, July 6, 2016.

The president said on July 6, this marks 52 years since the day our founding fathers who realized their long-time dream of a self-governed state now called Malawi.

He further acknowledged that these five decades we have resiliently withstood the challenges that have so wanted to drag us back and obscure our resolve for a better Malawi.

“We might have not progressed as expected but we stand at a point where we are realigning our priorities and redefining our vision for a better Malawi”, he said.

The professor said our political freedom must translate to economic self-determination for all. This we will achieve in the foreseeable future owing to what our government has put in place.

“We now are at a turning point because, for the first time, we are moving this country from aid to trade. This is an economic paradigm shift never done since Independence”, said Mutharika.

“Everyone should stand steady. We have work to do to move this nation forward. With patriotism, integrity, and hardwork, we will realize our economic vision. And Providence will walk on our side”, he concluded.

Is Malawi Independent or dependent..?

The question which Malawians should be asking themselves is: “Are we really free from European imperialism..?”

For me and other Malawians know for sure that Malawi is not independent from her long time colonisers.

We might think that Malawi is no longer under colonial rule, but where there are stronger powers, weaker territories shall always be colonised and thats what is happening in Malawi.

The Westerns have more powers over the country which is called “Independent”, and when they give them aid it comes with “terms and conditions “.

If the country fails to control itself, then it’s not independent anymore.

Malawian Current Mode of Living

Some Malawians have celebrated this day with more questions than answers, saying that there has never been any improvement since the country gained it’s independence.

This statement comes after the leaders failed to deliver to the people of the country who are still living in agony.

The ocassion is marred by a continued poverty and reliance on donor aid.

Malawi ‘s economy is dependent on Agriculture but farmers are not being empowered in the country leading to poor crop production.

Despite the government claiming that the country is progressing since Independence,  but the truth remains the same that there is no progress and peoples lives in rural areas is worsening.

For the government to say that the country is progressing is easy because they want to paint a good and clear picture to the less previledged.

There is a lot to be done in Malawi so that those who fought for the wellbeing of Malawian citizens, should be glad wherever they are.

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