ISIS Militants Torture Young Girls Who Try To Escape Brutal Rapes

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There are thousands of women and girls who are being used as sex slaves by the Islamic terror groups.

” The girls were covering their faces with dirt, trying to make themselves look less beautiful, but once caught doing so, they were beaten” 15-year old Ahmed Amin told the press after escaping an ISIS training camp fleeing to northern Iraq.

Young boys are trained to fight for the Sihadits to help them maintain control of the territory they have captured in Iraq, girls and woman are sold as brides to ISIS fighters.

Amin said one time he witnessed one mother desperately begging the terrorists to spare her young daughter but to no avail.

“The mom cried that her little girl was too young and didn’t know anything about marriage and sex, but they didn’t care, they took the little girl away,” The Yazidi boy said.

Yazidis, Christians and other religious minorities have been persecuted by IS throughout the captured  territory. Man are killed, boys are forced to train as IS soldiers and woman and girls are sold as sex slaves.

The punishment for refusing IS commands have been horrible, as press reports revealed 19 girls were burned alive in the city of Mirul for refusing to have sex with the militants.

The girls were burned inside an iron cage with hundreds of Spector’s watching, one eye witness told the press.

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