Jacob Zuma Condemns Political Linked Killings In South Africa.

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The president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma has condemned political linked killings which have rocked parts of South Africa.

The president said people in a democratic country are not supposed to be violent, but they should be kind and loving.

President Zuma said regardless of the candidate who has been chosen, they are all people and not enemies, therefore South Africans treat each other well even if they didn’t get that opportunity to represent their communities.

He was addressing the audience in Pietermaritzburg during the African National Congress provincial manifesto.

“We are living in a democratic era and violence is not accepted. We all need to build our nation together as South Africans”, said Zuma.

He further said political affiliations should not bring violence in the country but all parties should work hand in with the government for betterment of the country and its citizens.

Some provinces in the country have been rocked by killings which are said to be linked to political differences. Some South African citizens have been voicing their feelings with violence hence a lot of people are being killed.

The call for peace in the country by the president came after two ANC members were gunned down by unknown people as they were leaving a local branch meeting at Imbali township in Pietermaritzburg.

South Africa will be holding Local Government elections in August this year.

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