Jacob Zuma Embarassed At A Workers Day Rally In Free State.

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It is not just raining in the African National Congress party (ANC) but it is rather pouring as the party is facing more challenģes in recent months than before.

The president left unsermoniously from Free State,  the province deemed to be the stronghold of the African National Congress (ANC) after the rally was called off due to Zuma must fall protests.

The first of May was supposed to be the workers day celebrations and the incumbent president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma was supposed to address the rally in Bloemfontein but it ended up in a protest day.

It was an embarrassing day when the anti-Zuma protests prevented the president to address the audience. Some fans affiliated to Cosatu started booing at the president a situation which led to the calling off of the address.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), which happens to be the ally of the African National Congress (ANC) said the president was not legible to address the audience as the Labour Federation has called for him to step down.

A huge crowd of Cosatu members who gathered in Free State welcomed the president with anti-Zuma sentiments and  it reached its worst moment when the president arrived at the place.

Just few minutes after his arrival, the secretary of Cosatu in Free State, Monyatso Mahlatsi addressed the members by telling them they are not ready to give a platform to someone to address them.

“We are going to close this event right now, and there is nobody who is going to take this platform and give us a speech. My fellow members, the event is now formally closed and you can go back to your places”, said Mohlatsi.

News Watch Reviews understands that Cosatu was an important force a decade ago for the incumbent president’s rise to power, but now they have turned the tables upside down and they want him out of the presidency seat.

It is on record that few weeks ago opposition parties organised a country wide protest to force Jacob Zuma to resign citing that the country is collapsing because of him.

The protests which were led by the biggest opposition party, the Democratic Alliance, proved futile as the president insited that he has been elected by the people and he will go if his term has finished.

Just after the country’s president failed to address the people, his counterpart, the Democratic Alliance president, Mmusi Maimane addressed the audience at a May day rally in Capetown urging all South Africans to unite and take back the country from the corrupt government of the ANC.

“South Africa belongs to all who live in it, whether they black or white. If we don’t take back our country the we will face more challenges in the future. Zuma has turned this country to a crime zone and we must remove him and his party before its too late”, said Maimane.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) is a trade union federation in South Africa. It was founded in 1985 and is the largest of the country’s three main trade union federations, with 21 affiliated trade unions, altogether organising 1.8 million workers.

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