James Wellbeloved Dog Food Adult Turkey and Rice Kibble

James Wellbeloved Dog Food Adult Turkey and Rice Kibble 15kg


James Wellbeloved dog food has specially selected the natural and healthy recipe from turkey and rice kibble which is hypo-allergenic, easy to digest and delicious for dogs.

The recipe for this dog food includes white meat from turkey and brown rice which is energy-packed oats.
Most of the ingredients that were used are to prevent food allergies, and they contain NO beef or pork, also there are NO wheat or wheat gluten in it and NO dairy products, eggs, and soya.

Only one single meat protein was used which is turkey, there are no artificial appetite enhancers which means the turkey and rice kibble used are good for dogs with delicate digestions or skin irritations or food allergic sensitivity.

Also included is an extract of yucca and chicory to improve digestion, to boost the beneficial intestinal bacteria, whic help dogs absorb maximum nourishment from the food.

This dog food is good balanced diet and includes linseed which is a rich source for fatty acids that are required for a healthy, glossy coat.

With this james wellbeloved dog food, you the alfalfa (a plant of the pea family) and seaweed which are high in the anti-oxidant vitamins and minerals vital for long-term health.


The ingredients includes, rice, turkey meat meal, oats,

whole linseed, turkey gravy, turkey fat,

sugar beet pulp, alfalfa, sodium chloride,

natural seaweed, calcium carbonate, chicory extract,

lysine, D,L-methionine, yucca extract and threonine.


My dog hates dry food, can you add water to become wet food?

Yes, that is fine but I will not recommend too much water. You can use gravy is an option.

James Wellbeloved Dog Food Adult Turkey and Rice Kibble

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