Malawi:JB is not coming anytime soon, says Msonda with a question to Malawians

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By Eutychus Yamikani

It’s been two years now since former president Dr Joyce Banda left the country to stay abroad, a situation regarded by many Malawians as self exiling on her part.

Responding to a question of when is Joyce Banda coming back to Malawi?

Publicity secretary for the peoples party Ken Msonda had a lot to answer to this open question:

“We are surprised that people keep on asking us this question; if we may ask; why do people want the former president home, to do what; what is it that she didn’t do during the two years God gave her the grace to serve this country when she ascend to the high office of state president?

“The former head of state Her Excellency Dr.Joyce Banda is a citizen of this country, she too has rights and freedom to enjoy as per our republican constitution; she has the right to travel anywhere in the world to enjoy her retirement or do her charity work after serving Malawians well in two years.

“We have said it more than enough that she is abroad on Joyce Banda Foundation engagements; once she is done she will come back home.

“Suffice to say those calling for the former head of state home coming are deliberately forgetting that the DPP administration is specialized in harassing,embarrassing.frustrating and tormenting former heads of state; for example:

Dr.Bakali Muluzi is being tortured,tormented,embarrassed and tossed around like a toy,the man is sick and ageing; the former Vice president Right Honourable Dr.Cassim Chilumpha is still under house arrest, and its over five or six years now?

“we don’t know where the former Vice president Dr Justine Malewezi is, a very intelligent and calm person, an asset for this country if put in good use; the lucky one is Right Hon Khumbo Kachali because he is a Member of parliament for Mzimba under peoples Party, atleast we can hear and see him around otherwise if it weren’t for that he could have been forgotten, harassed, tortured and tormented just like the rest.

“DPP administration has the DNA of making sure any Malawian capable with ideas to develop this country is embarrassed, tortured, tormented and frustrated.

“This country is not in short supply of well meaning people who can develop our nation both within and abroad but those with the capacity and ability are afraid of DPP’s brutality and undemocratic line of;prophet Major 1 Shepherd Bushiri is respected overseas; able to assist governments abroad, able to assist the needy and underprivileged abroad; he came back home trying to assist his fellow Malawians to alleviate the hunger situation we all know what followed; he was harassed, embarrassed and in frustration he went back to his base in South Africa.

“Those pushing for Dr.Joyce Banda’s home coming are delibaletly forgetting we have an administration in place that is so cruel, undemocratic and brutal. There is nothing she will do if she returns back home rather than face the same brutality, harassment, torture and embarrassment as what other former heads of state are going through.

“Let her stay abroad, enjoy her retirement and complete JBFI engagements.

Yes we miss her as our party founder and leader but what’s the point of having our party leader around with no peace of mind????”

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