Jilted Husband Uses Drone Technology To Catch Wife Cheating

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A jilted partner who captured his other half dishonestly  meeting another man, said his thanks to drone technology that helped him record her in the act. John helped by his drone  vented his anger on his video as he watched helplessly his wife for 18 years as she plunged a pukka on the stranger the husband actually admitted he wished to kill if he laid his hands on his love competitor.

John G, from North Pennsylvania,  has filed for divorce inciting irreconcilable difference and unfaithfulness.

In the opening  minutes John is heard commenting over the video how he quickly noticed his wife deviating from the route she was supposed to go. “My wife is ‘throwing out’ 18 years of marital relationship.” he says in the video

John later on released the video to YouTube which has now gone viral.

Talking specifically to Mail Online, John confessed his first rage was targeted at the unidentified male, stating he believed he was mosting likely to eliminate him for destroying his life.


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