Justine Bieber Has New Company In His Bedroom

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What the hell is wrong with this Hollywood pop star? Why is he changing women every minute like clothes? Is it depression or there’s just totally something wrong with him??

Justine Bieber 22, was spotted with Nicola Peltz an actress on May 25, the two have been sleeping together at his Beverly Hill home, a source revealed in the new Issue of US weekly!

Justine and Nicola at an album release party in Toronto and reconnected in Los Angeles last month when Bieber had downtime between his person world tour dates.

“The two have been chatting for long now, I really think he is into her!” Explains the insider.

Justine Bieber has just split from Hailey Baldwin this year.

“The young pop star has gone out with almost every woman in Hollywood including one of the Kardashian girls, he is not settled. In fact it seems he doesn’t know what he wants. This is just his beggining we fear that he is yet to change women every minute!” Another source said.


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