Kabaza Operators Fight With Road Constructors In Mzuzu.

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Disgruntled Kabaza operators in Mzuzu caused commotion on Monday when they fought head to head with the road constructors in the northern city of Malawi.

This commotion started at around 17 00hrs in the even when the PLEM company which is constructing Chiputula – Katawa road from the Mzuzu Airport blocked the road at Lunyangwa bridge.

The development angered the Kabaza operators who started deflecting tyres of the company’s vehicles and throwing their road signs in to the bush.

These drivers blamed the company for not leaving a space for them to pass with their customers.

“We don’t like this and we will not tolerate this situation because it is causing some inconveniences to us. They should have opened one side of the road so that we should find a way to pass with our customers”, said the drivers.

Commenting on the issue, the ward councillor for Mzilawayingwe Fraser Chancy Chunga blamed the company for causing inconveniences during pick hours.

“These people were provoked by the company because they know for sure that this is the pick – hour for them and it’s during this time they make more money. They would have left a space for them so that they should keep on doing their business of the day”, said the councellor.

Despite criticising the PLEM company, Mr Fraser who is also the Deputy Mayor for Mzuzu city condemned the conduct of the Kabaza operators citing that what they did is uncivilised and uncalled for.

“We don’t condone such behaviours in our city, they should have used the another way, but because it happened we have to correct one another and continue with our daily endeavors”, said Mr Chunga.

The Kabaza drivers accepted that what they have done is wrong but their aim was to please their customers and carry on with their work. These drivers have also asked the construction company to consider their demands so that such issues should not happen again.

In Mzuzu and other parts of Malawi , the most common means of transportation is a bicycle popularly known as Kabaza which was introduced about two years ago aimed at decongest some parts of Malawi’s towns and cities , which was becoming crowded with vehicles. The Kabaza is usually decorated to make it look like a fancy bicycle which attracts lots of customers considering that it’s also cheap compared to other transport machines.

The Chiputula – Katawa road will cost the government of Malawi almost MK1 billion.



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