Kamlepo Kalua Has Revealed The Names Of His Abductors; George Chaponda Included. 

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The member of Parliament from Rumphi East, Honorable Kamlepo Kalua on Thursday uncovered the names of his abdutors in Parliament.

The main name which originated from Kamlepo’s mouth is that of the former Agriculture Minister George Chaponda while the rest he said its the DPP Cadets cooperating with the Police.

Kalua went missing in May for one week and he was abandoned at Kwacha round-about in Blantyre. The day he appeared to the general public, he was tied both hands and legs with blue ropes.

Malawians have been waiting for a while to know who were behind his abduction after he guaranteed them that the moment his wellbeing is in a good situation, he will spit the beans.

On Thursday when he was addressing the parliament, Kamlepo indicated that the former Agriculture Minister, George Chaponda and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cadets were behind this cruel abduction to embarass him since he was on the minister’s neck in light of the maize saga.

“At first I thought I was under house arrest, however I understood later after unmasking me that they have kidnapped me and taken to another area.”

Kamlepo Kalua
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“After they abandoned me at the round-about, I intentionally told the media that I knew nothing since I knew it was a trap so that I should not fall in it”, said Kamlepo.

Kalua additionally addressed the Parliament that the abduction was intended to kill him however their camp was not properly arranged thus why they failed to excute their arranged agenda.

The parliamentarian additionally lambasted the former Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda that he enlisted the DPP cadets to spread bits of gossip that he arranged the whole procedure for public sympathy.

In his closing remarks, he asked all parliamentarians to battle corruption and not let him do it alone.

“Battling corruption in Malawi is not for Kamlepo Kalua only, we should all hold hands and stick together with the goal that we should bring back our adored nation”, he said.

Kamlepo is yet to release the names of the seven cabinet ministers whom he said are involved in corruption activities in the country. Once again on Thursday he told the parliament that he won’t tell the nation now those names but he has kept them for future use.


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