Kamlepo Kalua Warns Those Who Embarrassed Him Through Abduction.

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The Rumphi East parliamentarian, Kamlepo Kalua said he will spit the beans when his well-being is fine.

Commenting on the issue of his abduction which took place two weeks ago, the outspoken Peoples Party member of parliament said the individuals who were involved in humiliating him ought to prepare to acknowledge the cold hard facts.

“I will uncover each progression of what unfolded during my abduction. They did this to embarass me to the entire nation and the world at large. This has to stop before doing it to someone else”, said Kalua.

He additionally depicted the activities of the Police of discrediting the claims that his abduction was fake.

“I think about how quick the investigations of my kidnapping were finalised. Within a couple of hours they unveiled what had happened. How could they do it so quick?”, addressed Kamlepo.

Kalua has indicated disatisfaction with the investigations which were directed by the police after he re-appeared on Sunday last week at Kwacha roundabout in Blantyre where he claims he was abandoned there by his abductors.

Soon after availing to the public after a period of one week missing, police released a statement on the same day refuting the claims that he was abducted and they said his actions were fake and they will investigate the issue to find those who were behind his planned agenda.

The day he was found at Kwacha roundabout, his hands and legs were tied with a rope and he was neatly dressed, a situation which made people to mock him on different social media platforms by sending pictures with their legs and hands tied with ropes.

The honourable member requested to go to South Africa for a better checkup and after that he will tell Malawians the truth behind his missing.



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