Kamlepo Kalua’s Life On a Sharp Edge; Reveals DPP Cadets Who Wants To Kill Him

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“I will expose you today, Honourable Maluwa,  Chikwawa DPP MP, mobile number, 0999933771 and Honourable Kalimanjila, Nsanje central DPP MP, mobile number, 0888323546, your death threats will be made public so that Malawians should know what type of leaders we have in parliament”, reads part of his statement.

After stating openly that he knows the names of some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) members who are in the foreinsic audit report, Kamlepo Kalua has once again come to the lime light saying that he has been receiving some death threats messages from the ruling party.

It has been a busy week for the Rumphi East constituency member of parliament who has been storming facebook with statuses of accusing the ruling party for shielding corrupt ministers.

On Friday, he wrote on his facebook page the recent death threats and the names of those who are sending those messages so that the public should know whats going on behind the scenes.

“My fellow Malawians, country men, I write this note with a very sad face. As a citizen of Malawi and someone who loves my country I will not be intimidated by anyone. My stand still remains, all corrupt people should pay for taking Malawians as fools. This is not about regions or tribes, as Malawians let us all unite to stop this nonsense once and for all”, its quoted.

He further said that he will stand by his words and will fight for his people of Rumphi East Constituency as well as his fellow poor Malawians from the villages who are suffering because of some few selfish people who don’t care about our country.

“Since my calls to have the corrupt ministers exposed, I have been receiving death threats and unnecessary threats from those in power. For those who listened to the rally the State President addressed in Thyolo, my name was all over in their mouths”.

“Honourable Patricia Kaliati says I should consult Jappie Mhango to give me immunity, really? What type of a Minister and member of parliament would disregard the constitution just to please the listening crowd and President? The minister of internal affairs cannot give me immunity because I was elected by the people and not appointed. go and read the constitution again madam Minister”, he retariated.

He continued by saying that Honourable Charles Kamchacha of DPP said, ” Tiauza a nyamata athu ma cadet athane naye Kamlepo”, (I will tell our young cadets to deal with him).

“Fellow Malawians, what more evidence do you need that am under threat? If these people are innocent why are they threatening me? Malawians are still waiting to hear the verdict on the deaths we have witnessed during the DPP era:

Robert Chasowa (RIP) 20 July victims (RIP) we are a democratic country and as such I will never be intimidated”.

“For my fellow members of parliament who keep threatening me with death threats, I will expose you today.

Honourable Maluwa Chikwawa DPP MP, mobile number 0999933771, Hon Kalimanjila Nsanje central DPP MP, mobile number 0888323546, your death threats will be made public so that Malawians should know what type of leaders we have in parliament. I have the evidence of these death threats from those two MPs who have joined the group of people threatening me. Iwill fight for my country, the battle goes on”, he concluded.



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