Karonga People Demands The Removal Of The Refugee Camp From Their District.

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Disgruntled people of Karonga district are demanding the removal of the refugee camp which is at Katili in the district. The camp is a home of almost 35 000 refugees.

News Watch Reviews understands that on Thursday a group representing the people of Karonga called Karonga Central Heritage Group (KCHG) led by Churchill Nyirenda marched to the Parliament demanding it to consider their plea of removing the camp from the northern district of Malawi.

While on their way to the Parliament, the marchers were chanting songs like “sitifuna ma refugee ku Karonga” (we don’t want refugees camp in Karonga).

News Watch Reviews has not found the reason why people of Karonga do not want a refugees camp in their district. But according to their banners they carried on the day showed that they want serious developments and not because of the refugees which have been given shelter in the district.

People from the district claim that crime has increased since refugees were transfered into the district.

The government is yet to comment on the issue.


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