Karonga Police Cramps Down  22 Illegal Immigrants. 

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The Malawi Police in the northern district of Malawi, Karonga, on Sunday, June 3, 2016 arrested 22 illegal immigrants for entering and doing business in the country without supporting documents.

Karonga police said the 22 Tanzanian nationals were arrested during their normal operations in the district  and were found living in the country without proper documents.

Commenting on issue, Karonga police deputy relations officer, George Mlewa, said the operation was aimed at reducing crime in the district. While in course of conducting their duties, they came across these immigrants who were staying illegally in the country and some of them have been running various businesses in the district.

“This was a normal joint operation which was aimed at cracking down criminals in the district and we fortunately came across these 22 Tanzanians who were staying in the country illegally and we therefore arrested them,” said George.

The police further said through this operation they have confiscated   different kinds of items which are thought to have been stolen in the district.

All the suspects will appear before court to answer a charge of Illegal Entry which infringes section 21 of the immigration act.


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