KCM restocks kafue river with 20,000 fingerlings

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By Bright Chikele


THOUSANDS of Tilapia fingerlings

were released into the Kafue River

yesterday as part of the KCM

annual fish restocking exercise in

commemoration of the World

Environmental Week activities.

During a fish restocking exercise in

Kanenga area of Chililabombwe,

KCM General Manager Corporate

Services Howard Chilundika, said

KCM would continue to support

issues of biodiversity, including

fish restocking exercise.

Since 2008 KCM has planted

230,000 fingerlings into the Kafue

River and streams near its

operations on the Copperbelt to

help restore fish stocks in the

water bodies, he said.

“The restocking exercise has

economic benefits and it is

important for us to share benefits

from the mines with surrounding

communities. We do this every

year,” he added.

“The programmes add some great

value to the nation in many ways

such as boosting the food basket

and fostering sustainable

livelihoods,” Mr. Chilundika said.

Mr. Chilundika called on the

fishermen and communities to

avoid illegal fishing activities

which deplete fish stocks in rivers.

He said KCM is not only involved

in fish restocking but supports tree

planting. The company has planted

over 87,000 trees within its

operations and in the


The Research Officer – Aquaculture at

National Aquaculture Research and

Development Centre (NARDC), Ian

Bbole, hailed KCM for its

continued support to the fish

restocking exercise, saying the

programme has ripple effects not

only on the community but the

nation at large.

He urged the community to guard

against illegal fishing activities to

allow the restocked fish to multiply

and grow.

A community representative,

Handson Sichone, who depends on

fishing for his livelihood thanked

KCM for sharing the benefits from

the mines with the local people.

“As people of Kanenga we depend

on fishing and agriculture for our

livelihood. We appreciate that the

mines are also caring for the local

people who are not in formal

employment,” Mr. Sichone said

He echoed sentiments by all

stakeholders that the community

should desist from illegal fishing

to protect the fingerlings for future


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