Kenya: is 2008 political massacre back?

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By Eutychus Yamikani:

Atleast one protester has died and five others injured after Kenyan police opened fire to disperse crowds in western city of kisumu on Monday. News Watch Reviews has learnt that, the opposition has been holding demonstrations weekly against the electoral commission which it says is ‘biased.’

However the Nairobi’s Police Chief Japheth Koome had earlier warned opposition supporters not to take part in demonstrations ‘if they love their lives.’ The opposition led by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga wants the current members of the electoral body to resign ahead of the next year’s presidential elections: “it is biased in favour of the governing jubilee coalition and want it replaced by neutral members.’’ Video clips televised by BBC show protesters using the body of which is known to be that of dead protest used to challenge police.

It is yet to be seen if Kenyan politics will be able to solve the country’s many problems as it is already faced by terror threats and tribal violence.

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