Kenyan Man Arrested For Preserving Dead Bodies Of His Wife And Child For 3 Years.

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The Kenyan Police in Kitui County have arrested a man who has been living with the corpses of his wife and daughter in his house for three years. The man identified as Kitu Munyoki is said to have lived with the bodies with the hope that they would resurrect after seven years.

According to the news from the Eastern African country, it is suspected that the two died at different times, but the husband chose to preserve the bodies claiming that they would resurrect after seven years.

Kenyan Police said that the child died in 2013 while his wife died in early 2014.

The shocking revelation was discovered by Kitu’s mother-in-law, Pauline Ndunge, who was worried about the whereabouts of her daughter, Ndila, whom she said their last communication was in 2013.

She said whenever she wanted to talk to her through the phone, her son inlaw could always say that she doesn’t want to talk to her.

“Whenever I called him and demanded to speak to her, he would claim she had refused to talk to me. And at the same time he would then disconnect the call,” said her mother.

It is said that on Friday, she called him and as usual he disconnected the call.

That irked the mother of Ndila and it prompted her to travel to his home to know what is transpiring between the two who were married for 11 years.

Upon arrival, she inquired about the whereabouts of her daughter, Ndila. After being fed up with her inquiries, the man urged them to follow him to one of his dilapidated houses which has served as makeshift mortuary.

“He opened the door, walked straight in and without flinching, dusted the body of my daughter on the face. He then said, look, here she is, you can talk to her”, said Ndunge.

At another corner was the dead body of the child which was also well preserved.

When he was interogated about the issue, without remorse he said he was following instructions from his wife before she died that she shouldn’t be buried because she will ressurect.

“I was following instructions from my late wife that I should not bury her but wait for seven years as she would resurrect. If it was you who was given such instructions, what would you have done?” asked a well composed Kitu.

The most shocking and amazing part which left people in awe is how Kitu managed to preserve the bodies perfectly despite lacking the necessary apparatus to use.



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