King Zwelithini Tells Women To Hit Back At Their Abusive Husbands.

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King Zwelithini has urged women to fight back to their abusive husbands so that they should not take chances on them.

Speaking on Sunday at a ceremony of unveiling the grave of his mother, Queen Thomozile kaNdwandwe Zulu, he said abusive men are not needed in the community.

“Time has come now that women should fight back at their abusive men. Give them a good hiding so that they should stop riding over your lives”, he said.

The King said if he had been given a chance he would curb this situation of abusing women and children in just one month.

“If I was given a chance to eradicate this merciless behaviour, it could just take one month for me to deal with it. Those men who abuse women and children are not human but dogs, because human beings think before doing something”, he said.

The Zulu King said women should be respected in all communities because they play a key role in the development of the societies.

King’s statement came after receiving reports that alot of women in South Africa are being abused by their husbands.

There has been an increase in child and women abuse in South Africa a situation which has brought fear to many. Most of the women have been killed by either their husbands or boy friends.

President of South Africa, HE Jacob Zuma recently told the nation that men should respect their wives and love them too. He said violence against women will not be tolerated during his reign.

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