Know What The Malawian Flag Symbolizes.

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You may have visited Malawi consistently. You may have been given the national flag to show your people in your country of origin, yet you have not yet known the things behind that banner.

Malawi, as any other nation, has got its own particular delightful flag. This banner may look like other banners, however this banner has its own particular uniqueness.

In spite of its magnificence, the colours on the banner means alot to the general population of Malawi. It reminds them from where they originated from and where they are heading.

Having said that, let me share the most profound things contained in that banner which is flying in various nations of the world.

The banner has got three hues; Black, Red and Green with an image of a rising sun in the middle. The rising sun itself means the darkness (colonial rule) is over and freedom has arrived.

Here is the genuine importance of this banner;

BLACK: This shading is found above other colours. This shows how imperative the principal shading is to the nation called the Warm Heart of Africa. This shading symbolizes the black individuals who inhabbits in this wonderful and serene nation. Being an African subject, this banner means alot, yet being a Malawian, it makes the citizenry feel great.

Malawian kid carrying fish.
Malawian kid carrying fish.

RED: When each Malawian take a gander at this shading, it brings alot of exceptional recollections. There is alot behind this banner, yet the most imperative thing to the citizens of this nation is the blood which was shed at some point back.

This shading symbolizes blood which was shed by the freedom fighters in the nation. On third March 1959, guiltless blood was shed in a few areas of the nation, particularly in the northern district of Malawi, Nkhata Bay, where 31 individuals were executed by the British.

On this day projectiles were flying, targetting the unarmed Malawian nationals who were dissenting against the detainment of the freedom fighters ship at the Nkhata Bay Jetty.

This is an important day for Malawi, however by one means or another it gives them a sigh of relief realizing that they didn’t simply bite the dust for nothing, but their kids left behind are enjoying the freedom they fought for.

On third March each year these individuals who are buried at Kakumbi cemetry in Nkhata Bay are seriously recognized as “MARTYRS” and wreaths on this day are laid on their graves.

GREEN: This banner doesn’t symbolize just about people, however there is more into it, that is nature. The flag symbolizes the excellent landscape which draws in various tourists over the globe. Welcome to Malawi where you will have extraordinary recollections and awesome occasions.

Mkuwazi mountain in Nkhata Bay.
Mkuwazi mountain in Malawi.

You will have a look at our lovely Mulanje mountain, come and move at the most noteworthy peak of this mountain and take photographs of the excellent perspective from the mountain.

There are national parks which are sharp looking with green vegetation. Nyika, Cape Maclear nature reserve, Liwonde national park furthermore Game Reserves.

Welcome to Malawi, a peaceful nation, with inviting individuals who will collaborate with you on every issue.

The country’s national anthem says it all, “God bless our land of Malawi and keep it a land of peace”.




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