Koffi Olomide Deported To Congo After Assaulting His Dancer In Kenya.

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The Kenyan authorities have deported one of Africa’s most prominent musicians Koffi Olomide, after he was recorded apparently kicking a woman not long after arriving at Nairobi International Airport on Friday.

Koffi was scheduled to perform at the Bomas of Kenya on Saturday, July 23.

Footage of the scene at Nairobi’s international air-terminal was posted on online networking and it conveyed shock to web clients requesting him to be deported.

Olomide, from Democratic Republic of Congo, denied hitting anyone however he was caught hours in the wake of arriving in Kenya for a show.

He was deported to the DRC capital, Kinshasa, with three of his artists.

Olomide, 60, was reprimanded for kicking one of the women artists and he denied kicking anyone by defending himself saying he was protecting one of his artists from pick pocketers.

“I didn’t ambush the woman but instead protected her from the pick pocketers who were at the air terminal”, he said.

After the incident, Kenyan Youth and Gender Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki, said; “I have watched the video and it has shocked me, the musician should be deported and his visa should be permanently revoked”.

“His conduct was an attack against Kenyans and our constitution. Violence against women and young women can’t be accepted in any shape, form or manner. It is a blatant encroachment of their human rights”, she said.

Koffi Olomide has toured in Africa and Europe and is well known for his execution of a style of music called “soukous,” in which artists musically shake their hips in apparently erotic routines.

The Rumba maestro has a long history of brutality. In 2008, he was blamed for kicking and breaking the camera of a cameraman from DR Congo’s private RTGA TV channel. He was likewise sentenced in his nation of origin in 2012, in the wake of ambushing Diego Lubaki, his producer.



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