Lack of marketing strategy is enhancing the buy Malawi strategy

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Malawi Confederation of chambers, commerce and industry (MCCCI) says the buy Malawi strategy is timely and has managed to revamp business in Malawi.

Chairperson for MCCCI Karl Chokhoto bemoans the lack of marketing strategies to promote the products both locally and international.

The ramarks is echoed by minister of industry,trade and tourism Joseph Mwanamveka encourage the business community to take advantage of the newly launched international trade fair in Blantyre:
“this is the time where the business community in Malawi can sell their products and acquire skills to enhance their products,both local and gain an international boost.

“At the fair, there are alot of companies who bring new ways of doing business thereby showcasing their products they are able to maximize sales.”

This year’s international trade fair was launched on the 17th May and is scheduled to end on the 29th May 2016.

Both international and local companies are taking part on this year’s international trade fair from Zambia,India,Poland,Mozambique, Tanzania just to mention a few.

President Peter Mutharika urges Malawians to think innovatively and stop doing business as usual:

“my government has created an environment that is conducive for any legal trade, and that is why we introduced the buy Malawi strategy.

“The only way Malawi can compete with other international brands is through making our own brands of standards. ”

However the buy Malawi campaign is yet to win the heart of the business community as large percent of goods and services are still foreign.

The trade fair is extended this year to allow the business community interact with other international gurus to boost their products and businesses.

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