Lilongwe City Council Mobilizes Citizens To Go For Registration On 4th July.

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The Lilongwe City Council in conjunction with the National Initiative For Civic Education (NICE) have started a mass mobilization campain on the National Registration program for the city of Lilongwe.

On Thursday the group assembled bloc laaders, Religious leaders, Youth associations, COBs, Political leaders and City Councillors, to orient them on the procedure and furthermore ask them to urge inhabitants in their zones to turn out in their masses and go for National Registration of their Identity cards.

This is an activity where the government enrolls it’s population for a positive identification and to acquire precise and up to date population figures for socio-economic planning.

The enrollment procedure in Lilongwe will begin on Tuesday, July 4, 2017. Venues for the enlistment procedure are all the voting centres which were once used by the Malawi Electoral Commission amid previous elections.

All Malawians are urged to go and register and acquire their Identity Cards in the country. Some districts registration has been succefully done and the trurnout was good.

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