List Of Sleep Tips For Kids Or Tips On How To Put Your Child To Sleep

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Sleep Tips For Kids

Sleep Tips For Kids Or Tips On How To Put Your Child To Sleep

Create a routine to follow every night, should be same time and do same things every night for your child to go to sleep.

Give your child food if the say they are hungry; preferably give the cereal and milk.

Brush their teeth after every last meal no matter the time; make it a bed time routine.

Some keeps may be scared of darkness, put on the light around the room so there can be some visibility for them, but not the light in the room.

Before your child goes to bed, don’t let the child use or look at television, phones of computer at least 30 to 50 minutes before bedtime.

When they are ready to sleep, don’t be as fun as you were during the day, make sure lights are off, don’t talk too much to them, and avoid too much eye contacts.

Don’t let the child sleep too much during the day as this can make the child stay awake too long at night.

Be patient but consistent and be fully committed if you want to get your child to sleep on their own. But if your child sleepless night continues, see your doctor for advice.

Follow these list of sleep tips for kids or Tips on how to put your child to sleep.

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