Living With Nyaope Addiction In South Africa

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Nyaope is a very cheap drug found in South Africa but at the same time its very expensive as it is a thing of your everyday life. With R30, addicts are able to buy a packet of nyaope, but a packet is never enough!

Nyaope is taken in the morning before breakfast as you cannot eat anything without it. However, it’s not prescribed, addicts have just made it their life, not being able to live without it and they spend all their money on the drug just to satisfy this habit.

Nyaope has become a threat in South Africa as the youth is easily influenced to it. The authorities in South Africa have tried to stop this by arresting everyone found in possession with the drug, they have made efforts but have failed.

Nyaope is very addictive and is made out of deadly substances which include Rat poison, it has become worse now as the addicts prefer injecting instead of smoking it.

Nyaope, is a street name used which has grown massively as the number of the users increase. Johannesburg, Pretoria and Gauteng are the most affected areas.

Nyaope addicts are willing to quit but can’t as the thing has become more important than food in their bodies. A lot of youth in South Africa have died because of this thing, only a few quit and survive but more die in the process of quitting.

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