London: Man Arrested 50 Years After Murdering A Teenage Girl.

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It is said, “you can run but you cannot hide”. Police in Yorkshire on Tuesday arrested a man who murdered a teenage school girl more than 50 years ago.

A 78 year old man identified by different media reports as Peter Pickering is alledged to have killed a 14 year old girl identified as Elsie Frost while she walking back home from a sailing trip.

The suspect attacked the girl as she entered a railway tunnel in Wakefield, West Yorkshire and she was stabbed several times on her body.

Pickering stabbed her twice in the in back, once on her hand and twice in the head.

The brutal attack on the teenage girl which shocked England took place on October 9, 1965.

The man was found in the hands of the Police after the siblings to the deceased fought tooth and nail to see justice done and let the culprit pay for his actions.

The family members of the deceased thanked the Police for working hard and around the clock to bring the suspect to book.

“We are pleased with the development of this case. What we wanted is justice, we wanted the investigations to be conducted accordingly so that we should see the end to this”, said her 57 year old brother Colin Frost.



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