Lusaka wife shoots dead her husband

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A 30-YEAR-OLD woman of

Lusaka’s Woodlands areas shot

her husband to death.

Police deputy spokesperson Rae

Hamoonga in a statement

stated that Precious

Longwe Liteebele shot her husband

Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele five


“The murder occurred today at

around 03:00 hours at unknown

house number off Buluwe Road

Woodlands extension in which Mr.

Akakanda Lubinda Liteebele aged

30 years was shot at five times by

his wife Precious Longwe Liteebele

aged 30years,” Mr. Hamoonga


“The couple was working for a

named bank and Precious has

been arrested and charged with

murder. She used a pistol and the

deceased sustained five bullet

wounds: on the chest, left rib side,

right rib side, lower back and on

the right arm.”

Mr. Hamoonga stated that four

empty cartilages, one projectile

and one ammunition were found on

the scene.

He stated that the pistol had been

retrieved by the police and that the

body of the deceased was in the

University Teaching Hospital


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