Maddie Mitchell to film her biological film “what kept me going”.

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AUSTRALIAN based Film maker

Maddie Mitchell will be in the

country to film her biographical

film “What Kept Me Going”,

Maddie Mitchell was born in 1981

in Kabwe. She migrated to

Australia in 2008 where she took

up a course in screen/stage acting

at the Actors Conservatory. She

has also written a book entitled

“Nightmares to Dreams Book,” the

book is available online other

leading outlets in Australia.

Her biographical film, which will be

filmed in in Zambia next month, is

based on a story inspired by her


Maddie wants to tell her story

using film in an artistic way.

Those interested to be part of her

cast can contact her by liking

HAPPY Maddison Production

Facebook page and inbox their

headshot, current city, phone

number and a showreel if you have


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