Malawi: 15-Year-Old Girl Arrested For Throwing New-born Baby In A Pit Toilet

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Magret M’buka has been arrested for allegedly throwing her new-born baby in a pit toilet early this morning in Baluti village.

Fulatira lives with her granparents and two siblings, she has been hidding her pregnancy, in fact no one in the family knew she was pregnant until today, the day she delivered and threw away the child in a pit toilet, a source told the police.

“In the middle of the night i heard someone groaning in pain outside, but i ignored because i thought it was somewhere else not in my house. I thought all my grandchildren were sleeping in their rooms. The groaning continued for a while until i went into deep sleep. Later i woke up and went to the toilet to help myself, i was shocked to find a lot of blood there and i heard a child crying inside the pit toilet” Magret’s grandmother told the media.

She immediately called neighbors who quickly gathered there and some how managed to rescue the child.

The child was rushed to the hospital but sadly passed  away, he was suffocated by maggots that had entered his nose and mouth.

Magret was found bleeding and in great pain in her bedroom. She confessed that the child was hers and that she didn’t want anyone to know about it because her nganga (grandfather) was responsible.

She feared that if her grandmother found out, she would be chased to live in the streets.

Magret is currently at the hospital under police custody.

The nganga (grandfather) has also been arrested.





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