Malawi: 15-Year Old Hangs Himself

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A 15-year old boy from Ntchewu has been found hanged by a barbed  wire Wednesday morning.

The teenager was first seen by a passer-by Gift Njolomole, who was going to work early morning around 6 am.

He reported the incident to the police who immediately went to the scene.

“I was on my way to work, then I decided to use a shortcut road which passes through a bushy area and that’s where I saw the boy hanging from the tree.” Gift Njolomole told the police.

“When we arrived at the scene, the boy was still hanging on the tree and people had gathered there.” Ntchewu police officer said.

The deceased’s grandparents later confirmed the body to be of their grandson, Francis Nkhata who was last seen on Monday with friends at a tarven.

The grandmother said the deceased had issues, he dropped out of school, became a chamba (drug) addict and was hated by many for theft in the area.

The police are investigating the case as the grandparents suspect that it could be murder.




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