Malawi: 40 Year Old Man Commits Suicide For Missing His Dad’s Burial Service.

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Ganizani Sandram aged 40, of Kapilingiza village in the area of Traditional Authority Msakambewa in Dowa district, conferred suicide on Monday in light of not being available on his dad’s burial service.

Dowa Police who ruled out foul play on the episode, said that his father died long time ago while he was away.

“We got a report from his sibling Mr Levison Sandram that his brother has committed suicide”, said Dowa police.

“The deceased has been saying of hanging himself since 2005 in light of the fact that he was not present amid his dad’s entombment . At the point when his late father kicked the bucket nobody of his relatives called him to give his last regard to his dad.”, said Dowa police relations officer Richard Kaponda.

The Police further said that this issue has been bothering him for not going to his biological father’s funneral and he has been attempting to hang up himself for various times however he has been rescured on all ocassions until on July 18, 2016.

On the material day at around 1600hrs, the deceased found a chance to hang himself in the wake of finding that his wife was away.

The scene of crime was visited by Dowa police headquarters Inspector Fredrick Katsuzumila, together with the Dowa hospital medical personnel. Postmortem conducted revealed that death was due to suffocation.



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