Malawi : 40 Year Old Man In Nsanje Paid £3 To Have Sex With Young Children.

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Being paid to engage in sexual relations with young people, a circumstance which is considered as not ordinary to a few subjects or groups of Malawi, yet in a few ranges it is considered as traditonal and it is being rehearsed without being forewarned.

In some remote southern areas of Malawi, it’s customary for young ladies to be made to have intercourse with a paid sex laborer known as a “hyena” once they achieve pubescence.

The demonstration is not seen by village elders as rape, but rather as a type of custom “purging”. Be that as it may, it can possibly be the inverse of purifying yet a method for spreading HIV.

As indicated by BBC, a man named Eric Aniva in the dusty yard of his three-room shack in Nsanje area in southern Malawi is the person who is considered as the hyena who is being paid to engage in sexual relations with youthful youngsters in the village.

Eric Aniva is considered as the pre-famous hyena in the town, a conventional name given to a man contracted by the communities in a few remote parts of southern Malawi to give what’s called sexual “purifying”.

According to BBC, if a man passes on in the village, his wife is required by convention to sleep with Eric Aniva before she can bury him. In the event that a lady has done abortion, again sexual purging is required.

Furthermore, most shockingly in Nsanje, school girls, after their first menstruation cycle, are made to engage in sexual relations over a three day time span, to mark their passage from youth to womanhood.

Girls during traditional cleansing.
Girls during traditional cleansing.

On the off chance that the young ladies can’t, it’s believed that sickness or some lethal incident could occur to their families or the village overall.

“The vast majority of those I have slept with are young ladies, school going young ladies,” said Aniva.

“A few young girls are only 12 or 13 years of age, but I prefer older ones. Every one of these young girls discover delight in having me as their hyena. They really enjoy and tell other individuals that this man is a genuine man, he knows how to satisfy a lady’, said Eric.

Regardless of his brags, a few young girls in a nearby villages expresses abhorrence for the tough times they have been experiencing.

“There was nothing else I could have done. I have to do it for my parents. If I had not done it, my relatives could be attacked with different diseases or even death, so this panics us alot”, said one young girl by the name Maria.

Eric Aniva claims that he has slept with 104 ladies and young girls.

Aniva has two spouses and five kids that he knows about and he is not certain what number of the ladies and young ladies he’s made pregnant.

There are more established old ladies in the villages who have the work to gather the juvenile young girlss into camps every year, showing them about their obligations as spouses and how to satisfy a man sexually.

“The sexual purging with the hyena is the last phase of this procedure, orchestrated willfully by the young lady’s parents. It is important to keep away from contamination with their parents or whatever remains of the community”, said eldery ladies, Phelia, Chrissie and Fagisi.

As indicated by custom in this region, sex with the hyena should never be secured with the utilization of condoms. In any case, they say a hyena is hand-picked for his great ethics, and in this manner can’t be tainted with HIV/Aids..”



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