8 People Dead And 42 Injured During Independence Day Celebrations

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Independence Day Celebrations, 8 People Dead And 42 Injured

A day which was intended to be a joyous day for Malawians world wide swung to be a sorrowful day to recall ever.

The 53rd freedom day celebrations which were expected to held at Bingu National Stadium ended up in a disastrous circumstance where eight people have been affirmed dead and scores have been injured in a stampede at the stadium.

The eight deceased people, seven of whom are children have lost their lives in the morning, July 6, 2017 as they were fighting to find the front seats in the stadium where two football team giants, Nyasa Big Bullets and Silver Strikes were to bolt horns denoting the 53rd independence day.

As per reports reaching this publication from the crime scene demonstrates that the entryways of the Stadium were not opened at the perfect time hence people overflowed outside the stadium waiting patiently to enter.

When they opened the entryways people began squeezing to find a possibility of getting in first a circumstance which drove the police to scatter them with tear gas.

In process of dispersing them, that is when people began stepping on each other causing serious injuries which prompted some losing their lives.

Those who have been injured have been taken to Kamuzu Central Hospital for treatment.

Injured people taken to the hospital by nurses.


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