Malawi: Albino Woman Assaulted, Slashed Off Her Hand In Chitipa

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In spite of the legislature and people of helpful state of mind towards the welfare of people with albinism are endeavoring to work out a strategy of setting out a stern discipline on those found to seize, butcher and uncover the rest of the parts of people with albinism, to absolutely stamp out the unfortunate propensity, a few people are as yet continuing with this repulsive and pitiless follow up on their kindred individuals.

A 51 years old woman with albinism was despicably assaulted by obscure individuals, who slashed off her right hand in Chitipa District on Saturday, June 16, 2016.

As per reports from Chitipa, the aggressors outfitted with machetes and sticks assaulted the home of the casualty while they were asleep and bayed for the body parts of the woman with albinism.

The evildoers who concentrated on Lucia Kainga’s head and her two hands, simply made sense of how to rush off with one hand.

It is alledged that the casualty and the spouse Yohane Mfungwe opened their home way to protect a man who was crying outside for help, without realizing that they were being deceived by the assailants.

At the point when the spouse of the casualty opened the entryway, he discovered that he has been trapped by four men who raged their home in a matter of moments.

The casualty rushed to Ipenza Police unit to report the scene where, in association of the companion and a noteworthy gathering that trailed her, she was implied to Kameme Health Center where again she was sent to Chitipa District Hospital.

In the wake of losing one hand, the setback was in significant desolations as the aggressors furthermore tried to cut her heard.

In the meantime, after examining Lucia’s condition, Chitipa District Hospital organization has further alluded her to Mzuzu Central Hospital for further treatment.

The casualty hails from Village Head man Mweneipenza 5, in the area of Senior Chief Kameme in the district.

Meanwhile, Chitipa police have launched a manhunt to bring to book all the culprits in connection with the incident.



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