Malawi: Albinos Are At Risk In Malawi Refugee Camp

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Latest update on albino killings in Malawi:


Albinos in Malawi Refugee camp have been warned not to walk alone outside the camp, a Jesuit refugee service official said after a national newspaper repotted the killing of a 38 years old farmer last week Friday.

More than 20 albinos have been killed in Malawi in the past two years. Those who kill albinos are seeking to make money through selling their body parts. A 2009 report from the Red Cross societies claimed bodies of albinos can bring as much ad $75 000 on the black market. Limps can be sold for thousands of dollars.

Albinism is a genetic condition in which pigment is partially or completely absent from the skin.

“Because of these evil ¬†albino hunters, we warn albinos to stay away from certain areas and sometimes not to leave the camp at all” Rufino Seva, the director of Jesuit Refugee camp service said in a telephone interview from Lilongwe last week Friday. “It is very risky for them to walk alone,” he said.

Albino Refugees are extremely vulnerable, most of them are from war-torn countries and they chose Malawi as a safe destination not knowing it would be a Death sentence to some of them.

“Albinos are being abducted and killed for ritual purposes,” The commission said noting that ‘graves have been exhumed and some people have been caught with bones and other albino body parts.

Peter Mutarika, the Malawian President said recently that the government would employ 200 people to protect albinos.

Albinos killed in Malawi this year include a 9 years old boy whose head was separated from his body.

Survived victims



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