Malawi: APM who “hates” deadlines is to give the opposition deadlines

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By Eutychus Yamikani

President Peter Arthur Mutharika says he will give deadline for the opposition to state the alternatives on how he must run his government.

“I hate deadlines, but will give them a dead to deliver their alternatives on how this country should be run, failing which, they must zip their lips,” said Mutharika

President Muntharika made the remarks after the opposition termed his 40paged speech when opening the 3rd session of parliament budget meeting as ‘baseless.’

On Wednesday the president opened the Mzuzu reserve bank branch, were it was reported that he deliberately did not jumped leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera who was also at the event.

Previously the Malawi leader trashed PAC’s calls for the economic turmoil’s to be solved as soon as possible, where he said he does not what anyone to give him ‘deadlines.’

However controversy has also erupted over the renaming of the Karonga-Chitipa to APM late Brother and former leader Bingu wa Mutharika’s name ‘Bingu
Highway’ as he was the one who initiated the project.

This naming has sparked a debate between a section of people who claim they were not consulted, nevertheless T/A Kyungu of Karonga has assured Malawians that ‘proper consultations were made between all the chiefs of the two districts, and that’s were the blame should go not the DPP government.’

It remains to be seen whether the 2019 presidential election campaign race has already begun as politics in the mother land has just got dirty.

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