Malawi: Caroline Savala Slapped 7 Years Imprisonment For Defrauding MK85 million.

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Malawi court on Monday convicted and sentenced to seven years imprisonment Caroline Savala for being involved in a scandal known as “Cashgate”.

Caroline who is also a Malawian business woman, has been sentenced on charges of defrauding government money and theft.

The businesswoman was found guilty of theft and laundering money amounting to MK85 million in a saga dubbed as cashgate.

In mitigation, the defence pleaded with the court that they should be lenient when passing sentence because their client was cooperative and showed remorse during her trial.

But judge Fiona Mwale dismissed the mitigation and described the convict as someone who is lacking integrity and also a trickster saying that the company which she has registered was used to steal money from the government.

“She was supposed to be given eleven year sentence for money laundering. During her cross examination she failed to cooperate or answer questions which were directed at her. This cashgate has brought shame to our country and all the perpetrators will be taken to book”, said judge Fiona Mwale.

Cashgate scandal is a financial scandal which happened at the Capital Hill the seat of the Malawi Government. This scandal involved looting, theft and corruption which involved ministers and other government officials carrying huge sums of money in their car boots. These sums of money were lacking proper documentation on how they got it.

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