Malawi Congress Party Member Killed By An Elephant In Botswana.

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A sudden death has been reported of a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member identified as Sungi Mpando who died on Monday afternoon, News Watch Reviews can affirm.

According to our sources, the deceased was living in South Africa and he was driving down to Malawi from Capetown through Botswana.

It alledged that they stopped by a Game Park in Botswana. They came in through Martins Drift enroute to Malawi via Kasane 20km before Kazungula and they were taking pictures.

While he was busy taking pictures at the Game Park, an elephant charged on him.

“An angry elephant charged on our brother and gored him. He was taken to the hospital where they operated on him but it was all in vain”, said our source.

Sungi, dubbed as the next President succumbed to internal injuries and later died after the operation at one of the hospitals in Botswana.

Malawians across the globe have received this shocking news with sadness citing that he was a man with visions and good advice.

” In as much as every death is shocking but the death of Sungi K Mpando is very shocking. The whole of last night I have been talking to friends thinking that someone could tell me it’s not true. We have been robbed of a young, energetic, hardworking, friendly and supportive young man. Just a few days ago he shared with me great ideas on how I can promote music and now he is no more.┬áMay the Lord keep Sungi’s soul and may the Lord father Sungi’s children and wife”, said Pastor Chris Suya.

His fellow party members are also grieving the demise of their fellow member who was considered as the strongest person in the Malawi’s main opposition party.

The deceased is survived by a wife and two children.


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