Malawi Doctor Claims He Is Innocent On Charges Of Disclosing Woman’s HIV Status

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Doctor  Robert Kachikololo says he will fight to prove his innocence after a Blantyre-based woman (name withheld) accused him of publicising her HIV status!

The woman claimed the doctor physically and verbally abused her. The court gave the doctor an order not to engage in publicising her sero-status, interfere with her friends on social Media which is preventing her from going to work comfortably.

Kachikololo works as Nkhata Bay District officer, he says he is so upset with the accusations and firmly denies exposing the woman’s HIV status

“Us doctors are bound by duty to confidentiality to our patients, we discuss how the patient can prevent transmission of HIV to partners, for example safe sex including use of condoms.” Kachikololo said

He further argued that if the doctor has concerns that the patient is practicing unsafe Sex with partners and has not disclosed the status, medical personnel can justify breaching confidentiality and disclosure in the public interest  (failure to disclose may expose others to risk of death or harm)

The case is still under investigation and he will appear in court next month.

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