Malawi: Finally Members Of Parliament Suggest Solutions To Albino Killings

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Members Of Parliament

Members of Parliament Luscious Banda and Bon Kalindo have suggested solutions to senseless killings of people with Albino.

“Malawians have tried all means of tracking down albino attakers but to no avail,” Banda said. “Malawi government should ask the general public to provide information that would lead to the arrest of people involved in these barbaric killings.”

Banda said the government should offer 2 million kwacha to anyone who would help tracking down these devils taking lives of innocent people!

“We have condemned, marched, discussed, posted on social media, sang poems, drama e.t.c against albino killings but nothing helped. I suggest that the government should offer k 2 million kwacha to anyone with information leading to anyone involved in the albino killings.” Banda said.

Kalindo said the government should bring in Malawi defence force to help the police in tracking down albino attackers.

Kalindo then threatened to walked out of the government if his fellow MPs do nothing to find solutions to the killings of innocent people.

Malawi had recorded 17 deaths of people with albinism but recent reports on media show that its more than that.albino-child

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