MALAWI: Forbidden Love Causes Man To Hung Himself

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“Mphatso Mkandawire aged 27, originally from Mzuzu District hanged himself after his parents forbid him to marry the Chewa woman he loved.” The police said on Sunday.

Mkandawire was last seen on 3 August and was later found dangling from a tree in a bushy area by villagers gathering firewood.

The villagers notified the authorities who later went to the scene and found his family.

The parents to the deceased admitted to the authorities that the day Mphatso went missing they had a quarrel with him on issues concerning his fiance whom he intended to marry this year. “Apparently the finance who is said to be a chewa was not the ideal wife for Mphatso said Mpatso’s father who is a Tumbuka.

The parents had already chosen a wife for him and were not going to accept the woman Mphatso had chosen.

” Mphatso was a very good, loving and caring young man who had so many dreams to achieve. Its so sad to see him go so simple over such a stupid issue. ” One of the villagers reported to News Watch Reviews.

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