MALAWI: Grandfather Arrested For Sexually Abusing Granddaughters

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” A man from Manje Village has been arrested for sexually abusing two minors left in his care,” The Soche police said on Wednesday.

It is alledged Mphatso Makhwala (59) is the grandfather of the two minors aged between 11 and 13.

The mother of the two minors left for the village for two weeks leaving her daughters with the man she trusted most, her father. When she returned she was shocked when one of her neighbors approached her with the disappointing news. She confronted her father who shamelessly denied the accusations but after talking to her daughters and taking them to the hospital, it was confirmed that they were sexually abused.

“I couldn’t believe that my own father would do such a thing. Yes he is not my biological father, but he is the man I’ve always regarded as my own father since my childhood. Its disturbing.” The mother said in an interview with News Watch Reviews.

Makhwala has been arrested and is expected to appear in court on Friday.

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