Malawi: Grandfather Confesses To Killing His Grand Daughter

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Bridget Mphonda was found dead  on Monday morning in the  bush, Baluti police officer Benson Chavi said.

Bridget Mphonda 17, is said to have been strangled to then and then thrown away in a nearby bushy area. A local resident searching for firewood saw her body and reported to the police who immediately went to the scene.

“Local Villagers had already gathered at the place when we arrived, the relatives of the deceased also came and identified the body.” Chavi Reported to News Watch Reviews.

The deceased lived with her grandparents and siblings, parents both passed away.

“The grandfather of the deceased has been arrested after confessing that he his the one who committed the crime,” Chavi said.

The grandfather claims the deceased has been haunting him and this led him to confessing,

“Every night I hear her voice, I hear her crying! I see her face everywhere I look. I feel so guilty but I had to do what I did, I had no choice.” Mr Mphonda the grandfather reported to News Watch Reviews in an interview there in jail.

It appears Bridget was pregnant when she died and the grandfather was responsible.

“I didn’t want to kill her but when she told me she was pregnant, the only choice I had was to end her life in order to save my marriage.” He said.

There are many rape and murder cases in the village of Baluti, victims are always young girls.

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