MALAWI: Grandmother Accused Of Bewitching Grandchildren

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“Alice Mbewe aged 73, from Ntchewu has been placed under police custody after daughter-in law accused her of bewitching own grandchildren and threatened to kill her”  Thomas Chirwa the Ntchewu police officer said on Tuesday.

“My mother in-law Alice Mbewe is a shameless witch and  I’m glad I’ve finally come to the public with this matter. My sons have suffered enough because of her evil jealous heart and her hatred towards me,” The daughter in-law Chimwemwe reported to News Watch Reviews.

“The only mistake I did was  to marry her son whom she had already chosen a wife for as a result she hates me, she hates my children and would do anything to see us suffer. Even my husband, her son knows how evil his mother is.  I’ve gone to various witch doctors and they have all pointed her responsible for my family’s sufferings. At first I didn’t want to expose her but I’m fed us, my sons are wonderers because of her, she must be punished!”

Chimwemwe Mbewe claims her mother in-law did not deny the accusation when she finally confronted her, she just remained silent showing no remorse at all!

The police have place Alice Mbewe under police custody not because they believe she is guilty but for her own safety as many residents from her village threatened to stone her to death.

The truth behind the story is not known and there is no solid evidence for the accusations placed on Alice Mbewe.

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