Malawi Hospital Refuses To Admit TB Patients

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A source from Bwaila Hospital in Lilongwe on Friday reported to News Watch Reviews that patients suffering from TB are not being admitted because the hospital stopped providing food to patients for over a month now.

“Even serious TB cases are not admitted to the hospital and its because the hospital owes a sum of k190 million that the administration had engaged to provide food to the patients. The organization has withdrew the services until the dept is paid.” A source said.

“It will take time for the hospital to start provifing food to patients again because the hospital has to clear the dept first.” Said Alinafe Mbewe, the district health officer.

The remaining TB patients are cooking for themselves using firewood or personal electric appliances.

“We blame Mwai Mwale the former District Health Officer for the huge dept. He abused the funds and just watched dept increasing.” A stuff member reported.

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