Malawi is number one for having dogs with rabbies in Africa

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A UK based team of veterinarians are in Malawi to offer free anti-rabbies vaccination and surgery as the country records high number of dogs with rabies.

The statistics and survey released and done by the team respectively reveal that Malawi is second to India for having alot of dogs with rabbies.

India has thousands of dogs loittering in the stress of cities such as New Dheli without vacinnation.

Such dogs are dangerous to the public as a single bite can have catastrophic results and even cause death to humans.

The dogs if given anti-rabbies vaccination have less harm hence due to the cost of such drugs the doctors chose to feel the gap in Malawi.

In the commercial city of Blantyre over 2000 dogs are not vaccinated thereby causing danger to the community.

However it is not known whether such initiative can be sustained if the donors call it quit as dogs keep their presence in various districts with bites.

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