Malawi: Jessie Kabwila’s Car Set Ablaze In Lilongwe.

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A car belonging to the Malawi Congress Party Member of Parliament Jessie Kabwila has been set ablaze in Lilongwe this evening by unknown people who petrol bombed it.

As per data reaching News Watch Reviews says that the car, a Toyota Fortuner, has met its destiny at Lilongwe Golf Club in the Capital City where the parliamentarian had a short meeting.Kabwila's car in flames.

Commenting on the issue, the parliamentarian said this demonstration is associated with political issues.

In her announcement she said she was cautioned before that she is being hunted by a group of people who are baying for her life.

“I was cautioned through a Whatsapp message that I ought not go out on the grounds that I am being hunted”, she said.

“They needed to murder me, somebody pertrol bombed my auto precisely at the drivers seat. At the point when going out from my house, the auto was in great condition and I was not expecting this. I request that my kindred government officials play well since they won’t finish all of us”, said Jessie.

Kabwila's car after putting off fire.

The daring administrator is additionally denouncing the decision for being part of the occurrence refering to that she was the driving force to college student’s demonstrations which were going on in the nation.

“I am being hunted like an animal, I am also accused by the ruling party that I sponsered students exhibits in Zomba. These are all untruths they just want to paint an awful picture to our party”, said Kabwira.

There has been squables between the ruling party, Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and the fundamental opposition party, the Malawi Congress Party.

These two political parties have being on each others back at whatever point a peculiar thing happen. Their rivarly has been on for some time now and nobody has discovered time to stifle it.



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