MALAWI: Man Beaten And Stoned To Death

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A 33-year old man from Chilobwe village died after being beaten and stoned to death by 12 unidentified men and women who thought he was a thief.

Madalitso Phiri died at the hospital on Friday morning. The deceased hasn’t been laid to rest till today as the Chief of Chilobwe village refused to give land for the burial until the police investigate the matter and arrest those responsible for the death of an innocent man.

“As the chief of this village, I will not allow any funeral to take place or give land for the burial until justice is served. The young man died in pain at the hospital, his relatives could hardly identify his face because of the way he was. Not even a fog deserves to be treated like that. Justice must be served.” The Chief reported to news Watch Reviews in an interview.

“Madalitso was brutally stoned and beaten to death by 12 unidentified persons who thought he was a thief, the incident happened at a bar at night. Only to later find out he was innocent and the real thief had ran away.” A source reported to News Watch Reviews.

“It seems the police are completely useless in this matter. Three suspects were pointed out to them but they won’t arrest them, they say they want evidence yet they are just doing nothing.” A friend to the deceased said.

On Monday afternoon, friends and family gathered and almost burned down Chilobwe police station.
“We want Justice, why are the people we depend on in this community doing nothing as if they received bribed, we won’t stop until we see justice.” A source said.

The police have firmly promised to investigate the natter and arred those responsible for the crime.

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