Malawi: Man Buried Alive In An Attempt To Gain Powers Like Prophet Bushiri

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A priest from Chatha village, Malawi was buried alive by his followers after he ordered them to do so claiming that he would gain more powers to use to heal church members and prophecy.

“The priest named Watson Ndawombwa had about 30 members in his church. He prayed for the sick, troubled and even gave gave them anointed water.” A source said.

“One of his church followers apparently told him he had to do wonders like prophet Bushiri in order to gain more church members.” His wife Chikondi told the police. “He wanted to prophecy and do wonders like Bushiri, he even imitated his actions and the way he speaks on television…. My husband was obsessed.” Chikondi added.

Ndawombwa then came up with the idea of being buried alive in order to gain more powers from his ancestors.

His four followers who have been charged with murder told the judge that Ndawombwa believed that after being buried alive he would meet his Nganga (grandfather) in spirit and he would give him powers to do wonders, even coming out from the grave without anyone digging it.

“Ndawombwa wanted to gain recognition in the society.”

One of the accused, Litton Gondwe who has since become a state witness testified on Thursday that Watson helped them to dig the grave. When it was ready he prayed and told his followers to lower him inside. Ndawombwa then slept face up and “said abale (guys) I’m off to see my Nganga (grandfather) who died 10 years ago, I will be back in 30 minutes, I’ll rise alone from the grave with great powers”

His followers dug him up after 40 minutes, worried and seeing that 30 minutes had passed and he had not resurrected. unfortunately, they found Ndawombwa  stone cold. Dead!!

One of his followers told the judge that maybe they were not supposed to dig the grave, maybe he was to rise alone after his meeting with his Nganga was done.

Ndawombwa was confirmed dead by a doctor and will be buried again on Saturday.

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